Miwok is in Two Weeks…ha…hahaha…

My second attempt at the 100k distance (Miwok 100k) is in roughly two weeks. I’m excited and nervous. I’m tapering (as I should) which is leaving me feeling anxious. Less running equals more thinking. More thinking equals more worrying. I fear that I am undertrained. I’m worried about my foot, my knee, my hip…every little twinge and pain and weirdness in my body has become a 911 moment.

Maybe more herbal tea and less coffee? Hmm…


Let’s do this!

The Miwok 100k Course: 62.2 gnarly miles with 11,800 feet of elevation gain…


Okay, I must chill. My training has included serious hills with rocky, rooty single track. I will walk the steep uphills and the stairs, run easy whenever I can. I will think ahead only to the next aid station, I’ll be fine. Time cutoffs are generous, almost 15 minutes a mile. Slow and steady gets me to the finish line.

Gear: With two weeks until my race, all my gear seems inadaquate.

Shoes: My beloved red Altra Lone Peak 3.0s are completely shot. The soles on the blue pair are showing real wear, some of the nubs are nearly gone. The black/yellow ones only have 3 miles on them and probably aren’t “broken in” enough…WHAT AM I GOING TO RUN IN!?!?!?!? (#DrinkHerbalTea)

Hydration pack? Maybe having three different packs is NOT a good thing. Each has a weakness:

My big Ultimate Direction pack with the bladder? Complicated and slow to refill at aid stations during the race. Plus I’m hesitant to put TailWind in it, so I’ll be relying exclusively on H2O between aid stations.

My little Nathan pack? Small bottles, very few pockets, I frequently have to tighten the top strap, even during short runs.

My new VaporKrar pack? The “soft” flasks have a hard bottom that digs into my ribs, the pack bounces too much when the bottles are full.

OH MY GOD WHAT PACK AM I GOING TO USE?!?!?!?!? (#LessCoffee)

Shirt, Hat, Shorts, Calf Sleeves: Frankly, there are too many choices…I’m numb with indecision.

Socks: HA! Easy. My Injinji toe socks of course…


Breathe…just breathe…

Okay. Logic says, wear the blue Altras. They’re broken in, but still have a good 62.2 miles in them…at least.

Wear the new VaporKrar pack, but replace the “soft” flasks with flasks that are actually soft.

Shirt? Easy. Favorite/lucky short-sleeve, bring arm sleeves in case of chilly weather.

Hat? Black Inijini hat unless the weather is going to be hot. Then wear the white hat.

Shorts? My favorite race shorts, of course…Brooks running with compression undershorts.

Calf Sleeves? Well, obviously my Zensahs, but black or titanium? That’s a night-before-the-race decision. Tabled.

Socks: The Injinji trail socks. They offer a little extra padding and have a high collar to keep out trail detritus. This is the obvious choice.

What about a nutrition and hydration plan? Race day breakfast? Pre-race coffee or no coffee? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Now…where is that herbal tea?!?

(You can read about my Miwok journey here, here and here…)


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