Lock Laces

Short post about Lock Laces and why they rock laces.

UPDATE: (You can click over and save 25% on the Lock Laces website by using the code RUNTRAILS at checkout!!! Offer ends April 28th, 2017)

I went through a long and wonderful period where I was a Salomon guy through and through. LOVED their shoes. Well, really what I loved was the lacing system.

They call it Quicklace and boy is it ever! Plug your foot in, pull the laces tight with one finger, tighten the “lock” and run for it!

But I haven’t run in Salomons for years. How could I get the awesomeness of the Salomon lacing system in a shoe that was more tailored to my current taste in shoes? In other words, my Altras.

Well, fate seems to always have my back.

While on vacation, I was wandering around the Big Island Running Company store in Hawaii when I saw a whole display of Lock Laces. And they come in every color of the rainbow. Just a few days previous, I had been complaining (mostly to myself) about the floppy, too-long laces on my running shoes. BAM! Problem instantly solved.

Now I could lace up and go in no time flat. And the elastic of the laces means that I always get it right the first time. No re-tying, no stopping to adjust mid-run.

I ran a 5k race the next day and have run 50ish miles since and I’m still over the moon about these things. I just put a set on my Altra One 2.5s that I wear to the gym and I’m putting a set on my Topo Athletic MT-2s before I head out on my next long run.

Next I’m going to order a three pack (orange, black, and blue) and outfit the rest of my shoes, both running and casual.

FYI: If you have any doubts, I was able to get a FREE pair the first time I ordered them online (I paid $3.99 for shipping/handling). So a test drive is a small investment. And if you don’t like them, you can easily reinsert your original laces.

Run on, Sisters & Brothers!



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