It’s the holiday season, which means that my kids are about to go on a two week candy fueled Christmas-crazy bender. And this year I’m taking off work to hang out with them.

Did I mention that my in-laws are also coming? Nine extra people in my house for an entire week. Nine.

Just how many runs will I go on? How many times will I be tempted (or driven) to lace up my Altras and escape the tempest of insanity that will soon bloom in my house?

The obvious answer is: Every damn day.

Maybe I’ll even try to organize a group run, for those who have a mind to hit the trails. I will definitely drag them all out for a hike at least. The trails near my house are beautiful in the winter, as the rain turns everything green and vibrant.

Honestly, I can’t wait! Bring on the relatives! Bring on the chaos!

It’s time for a vacation.

And I love the freedom that vacation allows me. Generally, I can run when I want and how far I want. Say I want to wake up with no alarm, have a late breakfast and a couple cups of coffee, starting my run just a little before noon. I can do that.

What if I want to rise early and knock out a few miles in the dark while the rest of the world sleeps? Yep, I can do that as well.

And how about squeezing in a run right before the sun sets? Sprinting the last mile to reach the trailhead before complete darkness envelops me? The freedom is mine.

That may be the greatest gift this holiday season brings me.

Along with the dirt and mud and rain and trails, of course.

I have the good fortune of having a sound body and I plan to use it this holiday season to keep my mind sane and my spirit calm.

Happy Holidays and run on, Sisters and Brothers.



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