Miwok 100k

It’s been nine days since I ran The North Face 50 miler. It feels like it was yesterday. I am still basking in the glow of success that comes from meeting a long term goal. Smiles come to my lips of their own accord. I’m still floating. Moments of intense clarity jump unbiden into my mind at random points throughout the day. Part of me is still out there running, striding with a purpose.

While we can cherish the past, we must live in the present with an eye on the future.

On Friday I learned that I had been chosen by lottery to run in the Miwok 100k in May of next year and I am thrilled! Thrilled to get into a qualifier for the Western States 100. Thrilled that I was chosen. Thrilled to have the opportunity to run my first 100k on the some of the same terrain as both of my 50 mile races: the Marin Headlands.

What an amazing bit of news to receive having just crossed a finish line!

But, if we are being honest, I’m a little nervous. If you told me at the finish line of the TNF 50 that I had another 12 miles to go, I would probably have laughed and then immediately started weeping. Knowing me, I probably would have tried it, but would I have been physically capable?

Still feeling the flush of my success in the 50 miler and having learned a valuable lesson about staying properly fueled (read more here), I feel confident that I will be able to cover the extra miles. But can I do so within the time limit? I have run 50 miles in just under 11 hours. Does that translate to running 100k in less than 15 and 1/2 hours? And what is the weather like in May? (Answer: Avg 68F, but can get “quite hot.”)

Clearly, there will need to be additional training. More early morning runs. More evening runs.

I  registered a while back to run the Oakland Marathon in March, but this can no longer be the goal race I had intended. I think it will likely become a training run. My plan to run it in 3hrs 30mins may have to be revised. Four hours may be a more reasonable goal.

But I have to take it one stride at a time.

It is much too early to feel pressure, to risk pushing too hard, overtraining. Stay in the moment. Bask in the thrill of meeting one goal and the anticipation of another.

If I stay healthy and on schedule, I will arrive at the start line on May 7 ready to run into the unknown.

Run on, Sisters and Brothers!




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