Scott Jurek probably covered this in his book, but…

When Scott Jurek’s book came out, I tossed it (virtually) in my Amazon cart without a second thought. The man is quite possibly the G.O.A.T. of trail running (Greatest Of All Time). Seven consecutive Western States 100 victories. Are you kidding me?

Then I reread the title: Eat and Run

So I went back and read the description and flipped (virtually) through the pages. Hmm, part journal, part…cookbook?

Err…sorry. When it comes to cooking, I don’t. I fully understand and admit that this is something that I should overcome. I need to take a more active part in what I consume.

I also admit that this book might just motivate me to do so.


I don’t buy cookbooks.

Actually, I bought a cookbook once. We had just purchased a new grill and I thought, “HEY! I’ll become a grill master!”

It’s a really pretty book.

Lots of great pictures.

I’ve used exactly ZERO of the recipes, thank you very much.

All this is a long-winded way of saying that I haven’t read Scott’s book. I probably will breakdown eventually and buy it just for the running parts.

Maybe I’ll make the guacamole everyone raves about. I do love guacamole…

But this blog is supposed to be about eating, eating right, and eating specifically for one’s body.

Oh boy did I royally screw that up last week!

If you have read the blog post about my odd eating habits, you’ll know they are very specific. Perhaps ridiculously so: no dairy, no beef, no pork, very little sugar and grains.

Last week I was out of town for work. Trapped, you might say, in a hotel where every meal was a buffet. Sounds great, right?

Well, when you’ve winnowed down what you will eat to a specific (small) list of things, you get into trouble when the buffet is designed to feed over a thousand people.

Lots of pork. Lots of creamy, buttery sauces. Cheese and bacon in or on practically EVERYTHING. Salad covered in cheese and bacon. Yummy veggies turned into something unrecognizable by adding….what exactly? I’m still not sure.

What I am sure of is how my body reacted after I returned to “normal” life.

About struggling for less than two hours on my Saturday long run, my body announced that it was done. Time to go home. Zero energy, zero motivation, zero desire to continue on to the goal time of 5 hours. Unfortunately, I was at least 90 minutes from home. If I could find and maintain a solid pace.

I turned and began to trudge back the way I came. It was a slow slog…for about 30 minutes and then…well, let’s just say my body had some purging to do.

I will spare you the details.

Once the purge was complete, I felt kind of amazing. The next 90 minutes flew by. I felt so good I even considered extending the run to the full 5 hours, but a slight rumbling in my stomach area said I better call it a day.

Good idea, too, because I spent the rest of the weekend either in bed or in the bathroom (again I will spare you the details).

To sum up, yet another lesson in making sure that I fuel my body correctly. Had this been race weekend, instead of just a training weekend, my hopes for running fast, or running at all, would have been doomed.


Blown to pieces.

So, I have another work trip which will most certainly include a ginormous buffet full of cheese and bacon and…things my body no longer accepts as food. And this is immediately before the North Face Endurance 50 miler.

What is my plan?

I will be bringing ALL my own food. Almond butter sandwiches with fruit spread on gluten-free bread. Nuts and raisins. Tomatoes, carrots, bananas, and apples.

I will be drinking only coffee (black), iced tea (unsweetened), and bottled water.

At the end of the week, my stomach and digestive system will thank me and (fingers crossed) I will arrive at the start line ready to rock those 50 miles.

Run on, Sisters and Brothers!



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