I have dreams…and they are dirty!

In about four weeks, I will be toeing the starting line of the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship Gore-Tex 50 Mile.

As you might imagine, this is foremost on my mind. Am I ready? How will the course be this year? Will the weather be picture perfect like last year or raining buckets? Will the trail be super runable or will there be torrents of gushing, sputtering water crisscrossing the trail along with lake-sized puddles that cannot be hurdled or otherwise avoided?

Am I ready?

Am I obsessing?

Yes, I certainly am, but…

My mind is also wandering forward. A new year is coming. What amazing and exciting new challenges are waiting for me in THE FUTURE!??

And it is wise to begin planning now, before my body takes on its biggest challenge of THIS year?

Thoughts, not unlike the flowing waters at the North Face 50, cannot be held back for long and my excitement about that race in December is driving me to have possibly outsized goals/dreams/wishes for 2016. Among them:

Is it too soon to plan ahead? Should I wait and see how my body, mind, and spirit fare after the challenge of running 50 miles in the Marin Headlands?


But how can I hold back such wondrous thoughts?

How can we runners put a stopper on our dreams?

Run on, Sisters and Brothers!



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