What happened in Vegas?

Sometimes the Running Gods have a sense of humor. Like giving you a cold two days before a marathon or having that guy ride his bike over your foot while on the way to the starting line.

Sometimes the Running Gods have a plan.

I just returned from three days in Las Vegas. This was not a pleasure cruise. This was work. I had been somewhat concerned in advance of this trip as I am in the midst of training for a 50 miler. I wasn’t sure how I would fit in my training while away from home. Considering that I was looking at 12-hour work days in a strange environment, it was going to be tough to stay on schedule. That’s where the Running Gods came in.

They gave me an injury.

Now, that sounds bad, but hear me out.

I finished my long run last Saturday with an unusual ache in my left calf. I woke up Sunday morning to find that it had become a rather painful injury. I resolved to live in my compression sleeve until the pain was gone. After limping around for half a day, in which I stressed out about missing workouts, I packed my bags and prepared for Vegas. Running gear was wedged into my suitcase as a sign of my extreme optimism (or stubbornness).

My first day in Vegas included 12 hours of flying, walking, working, and more walking. It was clear that there would be no running because there was no time AND the leg still hurt. Ditto the second day. At this point, I was no longer actively worrying about missing workouts, just focused on work. Ditto the third day except…my calf was no longer hurting. There was no pain when I walked. I tried a few slow running strides through the main floor of the casino, right past the blackjack tables. Pain free.

Well how about that?

The Running Gods, knowing that I was stressing about fitting in running while in Vegas, offered me a minor injury to take my mind off of what I might miss. Or they “scheduled” my injury for a time when I wouldn’t have time to run anyway.

Either way, it all worked out. I’m back to training (taking it somewhat easy so I avoid the dreaded re-injury), and I even got a few “rest” days out of the deal.

Bottom Line: you gotta roll with it, stay positive, and do what you can (not necessarily what the schedule calls for) and things will probably work out just fine.

Run on, sisters and brothers!



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