Do NOT try this at home…

Here is a randomish list of things I do and do not do put in my body (explanation of sorts to follow):

  1. I don’t eat beef
  2. I don’t eat pork
  3. I try to eat free-range organic chicken
  4. I only eat scrambled eggs
  5. I don’t do dairy
  6. I consume a lot of fish
  7. I frequently eat salad
  8. I LOVE hot sauce
  9. I shy away from dessert
  10. I probably eat too much fruit
  11. Sort of by accident, I haven’t had alcohol in almost a year

PLEASE: do not try this at home. It has been a long and circuitous journey to arrive here. It was, to say the least, the road less traveled. Perhaps the meal not eaten.


  1. No beef because my dad ate a lot of it and had heart problems
  2. No pork because my dad ate a lot of it and had heart problems
  3. Cuz free-range and organic are better…right?
  4. I don’t know why scrambled eggs. Only way I can eat them…
  5. No dairy: A guy told me he lost that last “stubborn” weight by quitting dairy. I tried it. It worked.
  6. Fish is yummy. Omega 3s. Blah, blah, blah
  7. Salad includes: tomatoes, carrots, olive oil, spinach, kale, edamame, etc (“good” foods)
  8. Everything is better with hot sauce
  9. Dessert = sugar; sugar = bad (or so I’ve been reading)
  10. Fruit has a ton of sugar. Is there such a thing as “good” sugar? I don’t know, but I love fruit.
  11. No alcohol? Yeah, it just sorta happened…

I am the first to admit that much of this wouldn’t stand up to peer review. It seems somewhat random even to me. But here I am.

One of the reasons I do not advocate trying this at home: when you travel you will either stray and risk feeling guilty or you will starve. I just tried spending three days in Las Vegas…yeah, hilarious.

Oh, and your family and friends will start referring to you as “one of THOSE people.”

Run on, Sisters and Brothers!



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