Run Dirty

I love mud.

I love puddles.

I love river crossings.

In all my racing years, I have won exactly ONE race. Yep, it was a goopy, sloppy, muddy mess out there and I managed to come out on top.

I’m a mudder.

Maybe you are, too. Maybe you aren’t.

If you aren’t, here is a good article about dealing with mud.

I love the slippy-slidey muddy goodness. I love when mud and gravity work together to pull me down a hill even when my feet aren’t moving!

Autumn has arrived in Northern California where I run my trails. That means foggy mornings, cooler temperatures, and (we hope!) rain.

Rain means mud.

Why do I love mud?

Well, I’m still 87% kid and my kidself still loves gettin’ dirty.

Also, as I told my kids the other night, I run trails and race marathons because it’s not easy. When the weather adds another challenge (heat, rain, mud, wind) I embrace that as a further test.

Bring it on, Mother Nature.

I’m gonna run through whatever you can throw at me.

How about you? Where do you draw the line? Will you run through ANYTHING?

Run on, Sisters and Brothers!



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