Welcome Runners!

Hello Fellow Runners, Trail Runners, Treadmill Runners and anyone who runs because…well, they can’t help themselves.

I will begin to use this space as a scrapbook/training log that I hope will help inspire others to achieve their best while at the same time dispensing useful tips and information about our sport.

Race reports will also be a highlight of the blog. Along with gear reviews, some easy recipes, and other writerly/runnerly wisdom.

Mostly it will be my vagarious thoughts about my own experiences trail running, racing, shopping for gear, and what ever ephemera floats down the river of my mind.

Thanks for swinging by. See you tomorrow? 6am? Laces tight and smiles wide?

I know I’ll be ready.

Come see me on Twitter @rundemtrails

And as always, run on, Sisters and Brothers!


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